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Interactive Benefit Enrollment
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Easy for Employers
With the click of a mouse, nROLL empowers employers with speedy enrollment and instant reporting.
Reduces Paperwork - Employees are enrolled in benefits electronically, eliminating forms and paperwork. With the assistance of a Professional Benefits Counselor, employees compare and select benefits online. Key demographic data provided by your company is already completed on all forms.
Increased Accuracy - nROLL calculates employee's contributions before an employee submits his or her final elections. The calculations include pre-tax benefits, if applicable.
Easy Reporting - Once enrollment is complete, the employee receives a printed confirmation statement from nROLL summarizing elections and related payroll deductions. You can choose to receive the new election information in hard copy, have the data sent electronically or print benefit election forms on-site at the time of enrollment.
Better Communication - Employers can use the nROLL site to communicate benefit plan information with as much or as little detail as they wish. It is simple to use and requires no training. Before enrollment, you can distribute printed benefit information from nROLL's site customized with your company's plan options. This gives employees a chance to study their available options before enrolling.
Automatic Vendor Notification - nROLL handles the transfer of enrollment data to vendors, freeing employers from the burdens of data entry, faxing, and mailing forms to carriers. Eligibility and elections may be uploaded to the employer's third party administrator or insurance carriers.
Easy for Employees
The nROLL Professional Benefit Counselor will guide employees through the enrollment process, explain their benefit options, and ensure that all personal data and benefit elections are recorded. You direct the employee to the INTERACTIVE enrollment site and provide the telephone number of the Counselor nROLL will handle the rest.

No Computer Skills Needed - The Professional Benefit Counselor will show the employee's options on the computer screen. All the employee has to do is watch the screen and answer the Counselor's questions over the phone.
Easy to Understand - The Counselor will explain all the available options to the employee. To aid understanding, the verbalized information becomes visual on the computer screen for the employee to see.
Accurate Information Gathering - The Professional Benefits Counselor enters personal data and selections while the employee observes the process on the computer screen. If any information is incorrect, the employee will identify the error and be able to correct it right away.
All Questions Answered - All of your company's options are programmed into the nROLL system and are accessible to the Counselor. This allows specific answers to any questions the employee would typically ask Human Resource personnel.
Use Interactive Enrollment Year-Round
nROLL's INTERACTIVE process works for open enrollment as well as various times throughout the year when new employees become eligible. Any time during the year, you can use the system to download plan comparisons, or access links to carrier sites for Provider Directories. nROLL also offers an automated way to keep all information current from employee status to location transfers. Employee coverage history and elections throughout the year are all documented and available in one place for your access.
Secure Technology
nROLL's basic system is designed to enroll employees, while keeping sensitive, personal information completely confidential. The system uses personal identification numbers in conjunction with passwords.
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